Do you want to apply satellite remote sensing in drought monitoring?

Do you want to acquire new hands-on Remote Sensing skills to analyze and process satellite data?

Enroll in my new course Remote Sensing for Drought Monitoring in Google Earth Engine.

I will provide you with hands-on training with example data, sample scripts, and real-world drought monitoring applications.

By taking this course, you will take your geospatial data science skills to the next level by gaining proficiency in satellite remote sensing for drought monitoring applications with Google Earth Engine, a cloud-based Earth observation data visualization analysis powered by Google.

In this Remote Sensing for Drought Monitoring course, I will help you get up and running on the Google Earth Engine cloud platform to process and analyze geospatial data. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with a set of new GIS and Remote Sensing skills including accessing, downloading processing, analyzing, and visualizing big data using JavaScript programming language with the GEE cloud platform. In this course, I will use real satellite data including Landsat, MODIS, SMAP, TRMM, GPM, and others to provide you a hands-on practical experience of working with Earth observation data.

One of the common problems with learning image processing is the high cost of software. In this course, I entirely use the Google Earth Engine JavaScript open-source cloud platform. Additionally, I will walk you through using step-by-step video tutorials to process and analyze remote sensing data with GEE. All sample data and scripts will be provided to you as a bonus throughout the course.

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